Cad Center proposes to its clients services of pattern creation, prototype construction, grading, cutting and placement for production. The technological platform is based on the use of latest-generation systems from reputable brand products among the most prestigious.

Our company ‘s aim of advising, expertise, superior technical support and operational; It ensures compatibility with all systems and automatic cutter plotter.

The execution in the seat of the production cycle, through its accurate steps, can greatly reduce in terms of time, as well as costs. Ask a free quote on our services.

  • Realizzazione Cartamodelli
  • Realizzazione prototipi
  • Assistenza ai fitting
  • Capi sfilata
  • Ripetizioni campionario
  • Sviluppo Taglie
  • Piazzamento
  • Ordini per sala taglio
  • Calcolo Tempi e Metodi
  • Supporto alla produzione


We care to know our customers, to create a relationship with them to find a proper synergy and to better understand the idea before making the finished garment. Starting from the design and prototype passing by, guarantee a just, always keeping in mind the demand satisfaction. A continuous stylistic research is that the materials and the consequent development of the prototype with any eventual changes in order to make each garment together with the customer, to find the optimal solution that will create the finished garment.

Our company has its strong point in the CAD system, using modern design programs, supports the customer a model maker, professional who he will divide into its parts and then make concrete the original idea and then proceeding to the development of sizes and placement. Starting with the development of the sketch elaborate stylistic proposals, which we transform into custom designs for women’s clothing collections. We produce effectively and efficiently for your high fashion garments projects woman, day dresses, evening gowns, wedding, shirts, blouses, skirts, pants and outerwear.


The cut is one of the most delicate phases in the of the garment development. This moment is given exclusively to the careful hands of our staff who have been working with professionalism and top warranty. Through their supervision, ensure accurate control of tissue and a great cut in the also like to take the minimum imperfections and guarantee the quality of the garment.

After completion of control of this work phase, you can proceed to the next step.


Our company specializes in the production of high fashion clothes woman making use of highly qualified industrial workers.

Our latest generation machines, joining artisanal experience, can make all garments, both of fabric navetta on jersey, with high quality results of its “Made in Italy”. Step by step, control unit and hand control processes carefully the prototype, sample garment or final product in order to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers trying always to approach at to perfection.


Le figure professionali di Tempi e Metodi gestiscono l’entrata in catena degli ordini, permettendo all’azienda di raggiungere il giusto rapporto tra efficienze e qualità, garantendo così la puntualità e soprattutto la qualità del prodotto. Grazie a queste figure riusciamo a fornire il servizio del calcolo dei costi reali per la produzione.

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